Finch JungSooNae is a new name for Jung Soo Nae Restaurant

Finch JungSooNae Square Eng

Since we took over the business from the previous owner 13 years ago, we have been running our business in various and inconsistent names such as “Jung Soo Nae Restaurant”, “Jung Soo Nae”, or even as “Jung Soo Nea Restaurant”! We thought now is the time to identify us with a good and simple name, so we decided to go by Finch JungSooNae.

In Korean language, “**nae” (**네) or “**ne” (**네) means “**’s”. Therefore, JungSooNae (정수네) means JungSoo’s restaurant. JungSoo was the name of the previous owner if you are curious whose name it was after. Another example of this kind of naming is the name of our close friend’s popular Korean restaurant, “Huh Ga Ne” (허가네). “Ga” (가 家) means “Family” in Korean, so it means “Huh Family’s’ (with the last name being “Huh”). So now you know when you see a Korean restaurant named “**nae”, you know it is after someone or some family’s name!

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