JungSooNae Patio is Now Open!

Finch JungSooNae Patio

We have been waiting for so long to see our regulars at the restaurant and now we can! Please come and enjoy the natural shade and nice breeze on real grass. You will feel as if you went for a picnic to a park!

We are also glad to let you know that we have extended our hours to midnight until further notice. It is so hot these days and we see many customers wanting to stick around in a safe yet enjoyable place until late. You will appreciate the light bulbs decorated around our patio. They light up so pretty at night!

Please note that social distancing is still in effect. As per government’s guideline, we check each customer’s body temperature and take a note of his/her name, contact information, and check-in/check-out time. It is mandatory to wear a mask to use the washroom inside. If there is rainfall, you can come inside but be prepared to keep social distancing with a mask on. As we take necessary steps to provide foods safely and responsibly, we ask our customer to do their part to decrease the spread of COVID-19 together.

Hope to see you at our patio soon!

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