From Finch JungSooNae's signature raw crabs to the popular kimchi, we offer promotions on different gourmet dishes for a limited time. Please visit this page regularly for more updates!

Raw Crabs (available only in a meal)

Soy Sauce Raw Crabs (Ganjang Gejang)
Spicy Sauce Raw Crabs (Yangnyeom Gejang)

Summer Special

$14 for Cold Noodles (With Cold Broth OR Spicy Sauce)
$14 for Noodles (or Agar-Agar) in Soybean Soup
$10 for Cold Soybean Soup 32 oz
$16 for Young Leafy Kimchi Noodles

Kimchi Pack

Fresh Kimchi: $18 for 1.5 kg
Fermented Kimchi: $18 for 1.5 kg
Leaf Mustard Kimchi: $20 for 1.5 kg
Water Sliced-Radish Kimchi: $10 for 32 oz
Young Leafy Radish Kimchi: $15 for 1 kg

Ready-to-Eat Pack

Ready-to-Eat Dishes: Each $34 (no rice / side dishes)

  • Steamed Sliced Pork
  • Monk Fish Stir Fry
  • Baby Octopus Stir Fry